Consignment Sale Important Info

  • All items MUST have tags created using the above ‘Tag Creation’ link
  • NO TAGS from any previous sales may be used this sale. Also, DO NOT delete any tags in the system for items you plan to sell. If you delete an item you plan to sell, it will not show up in inventory and we can NOT sell it! Do NOT delete as you go!
  • NEW! If you are consigning non-clothing items (toys, books, shoes, etc.), you must bring a clear 14- 16 gallon plastic tub to receiving. The tub will be returned to you at closing with the items that are not sold; if you are donating your items then a tub is not needed.
  • Label both short sides of the tub with your RESORT NUMBER, not your consignor number as we have for past sales. Be sure to make the number as large and neat as possible and secure the paper with tape on all sides.
  • Pickup Times are Saturday, March 6, 2021, time TBD.  Items not picked up will be donated.  No exceptions!!